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Groovy Goods – Where You’ll Find Everything for The Hippie at Heart!

If you’re tired of “cookie-cutter” shops, you’re going to love it here! You’ll find the biggest selection of quality, affordable pipes and smoking accessories, backed by a knowledgeable staff that will help you select the best choice for your needs, without breaking your budget.

Glass Art from Midwest Artisans

Glass Pipes – Featuring Midwest Artisans!

No Chinese glass shipped by the container load here! Almost all our glass pieces are picked by on-site from Midwest artisans who create unique, quality pieces at fair prices. And, if they’re not locally blown, you will find them clearly marked as imports.

You’ll recognize names like PKG, Little Ben, OMA Glass, John Curio and OSS Glass. Whether you’re new to glass smoking devices or are an experienced collector, you will appreciate our wide variety of artisans and the techniques, materials and technology they combine to make the perfect smoking apparatus for your needs.

But we’re not “glass snobs”, either! You’ll find a friendly, helpful and knowledgeable team member who will be happy to spend as much time with you as you need to make the right selection. And we stock a wide range of prices to ensure you get the best value for your dollar.

If it’s a hand pipe you’re looking for, you’ll find spoons, sherlocks, hammers and steamrollers, in every form, from the basic to the super fancy. For smaller smoking sessions, there are chillums, bats and tasters.

Rigs and water pipes of all sizes and shapes, featuring the latest perc designs, embellished with color, or simple in clear. For simple designs and economical grommet down stem designs, you’ll find the latest from Dark Star Glass. Or, choose from the superior lathe work by PKG and Studio V.

Upgrade your purchase with ash catchers, reclaimers, bowls, bangers and more. You’ll even find long lasting, quality American hand-blown quartz from Hoyes Quartz. Local made glass extractors, nectar collectors and tip, as well as dishes and dabbers complete the lineup.

Natural Healing Solutions and Herbal Remedies

We believe in the power of nature to sustain & heal, so we are always looking for natural alternatives to relieve pain & anxiety, and to promote better health & wellness.

CBD oil made from hemp can deliver relief & health support to both pets & people. We carry the Green Roads line of CBD products because they’re certified 100% THC-free. Their low temperature, high pressure CO2 extraction method yields the highest quality cannabinoids, terpenoids, essential oils & other compounds found in the hemp plant. Sublingual drops & edibles offer convenient & simple dosage for everyone. We have a balm for local pain relief. For those that prefer a concentrate delivery method, there is crystal, shatter & dab wax. For dogs, there is an edible that helps relieve symptoms of stress & separation anxiety.

Relax & enjoy a more restful sleep with our line of Sippin’ Syrup beverages in a variety of flavors, as well as their delicious Browniezzz. All are infused with Melatonin, Valerian Root and other natural ingredients. The Earthly Body line of hemp oil lotions and balms in calming fragrances will soothe dry skin and lips.

Our selection of herbal remedies continues to grow, and currently includes Kratom & Kava. All our therapeutic herbs & remedies are sold responsibly to customers 18 and older.

Hippie Novelty Gifts and Entertainment Products


Like any good hippie store, you’ll find an eclectic collection of the unique, the nostalgic, and stuff you never even knew you needed!

Take our Cotton Mouth Candy, for example. Who knew you could cure dry mouth so deliciously? Or make your own pee-pee video with the realistic Whizzinator, available in several ethnic skin colors, or go it alone with QuickFix synthetic urine.

Our poster selection includes designs you won’t find anywhere else. Like the Mona Lisa smoking a doobie, or the periodic chart of Cannabis strains. Plus all the great bands of the 60s and 70s, like the Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd and The Beatles, along with newer artists like Prince, David Bowie and The Clash.

There are novelty gifts & games, plus seasonal goodies including ornaments & calendars. Find the perfect gift for the smoker on your list, or everything you need to throw a themed party.

If peace, love & rock ‘n roll are your thing, there’s clothing, jewelry, fashion accessories, stones & crystals, incense, home décor – all inspired by the music & culture of the 60s & 70s. Plus, the area’s largest disc golf selection. There is always something new, so stop by often!

The ultimate body cleansing solution

The food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the drugs we take & even some of the lifestyle choices we make…all contribute to the toxins our bodies continually must process and expel. There are times when it’s necessary to rid our bodies of those toxins quickly, even temporarily, and there are times when we want to clean them out for good. Regardless of your reasons or goals, we have the detox product for you.

The Detoxify brand offers one of the oldest, most well-known & reliable line of body cleanse products on the market. For immediate & temporary detoxifying, liquid Ready Clean, XXTra Clean & Mega Clean deliver results for all body weights & toxin levels. Add a Detoxify Pre-Cleanse Herbal capsule regimen to your liquid Detoxify product for all-natural support of your body’s detoxification process. And, if you’re looking for a longer-term cleansing solution, there is Detoxify Ever Clean 5-day liquid detox.

Additional brands include Omni & Clear Flush, with options that include liquids & capsules. Remove toxins from hair with Stripper Shampoo by Ingology and get a clean mouth with High Voltage Mouthwash. Best of all, our prices are competitive.

Huge Selection of Smoking Supplies

Smoke Supplies

If you need hand-rolled smoking supplies, you’re bound to find it in our selection of almost 200 wraps, cones, papers, rollers and tips. All your favorite brands are here, including Juicy Jay’s, Elements, High Hemp, Zig Zag, Raw, Skunk, Bambu, Hempire, Primal and more. And for you high rollers – no pun intended! – there are even 24K gold Shine papers and cones!

Carry your tobacco and cigarette-style pipe conveniently and in style with engraved Doug’s dugouts. Going out on the water? We carry floating Kayd Mayd dugouts – made right here in Iowa!

Choose from a full line of grinders in 2- and 4-piece models, from inexpensive steel to airplane grade anodized aluminum from quality brands like Chromium Crusher, as well as the Ergo, which features a replaceable screen. Check out the new ceramic coated grinder for extra long-lasting sharpness.

There are smell-proof pouches from Skunk, padded protection bags for every size pipe, scales by Proscale, Triton and AWS, Clipper and Zippo lighters, as well as high-grade 5-times filtered Colibri butane. Unique ash trays, silicone storage, Raw rolling trays, gas masks…we’re surprised you’re still reading instead of heading on over!

Looking for a smooth and discreet hand-held smoking experience with the latest vaporizers? We got them, from brands like PAX, OG, Dr. Dabber, Magic Flight and Yocan, for dry and concentrate. And, what’s more, our team is very knowledgeable in every model, so you’re sure to have the best information available to choose the vape model that’s right for you.

If you’re old school when it comes to smoking, or you prefer something small and durable, you’ll find pipes and cigarette holders in stone and wood, including the ever-popular brass proto pipe. Wood cigarette holders carved locally by Pat’s Wood are truly unique. And, check out our handmade Peruvian ceramic pipes that are not only functional, they’re a piece of art in designs that include fanciful mushrooms and wizards.

Groovy Goods is a friendly hippie community.

More than just a store. Welcome to the tribe.

Everything for the Hippie at Heart!

Everything for the hippie lifestyle. Supporting local artisans & music. Giving back to our community.

More than just a store, Groovy Goods has a vision of community, a tribe, brought together by peace, love & rock ‘n roll, living the hippie lifestyle. When you come into the store, you’re greeted by one of our friendly staff and the smell of patchouli. You feel the positive energy of the salt lamps & healing stones. You’re drawn deeper into the store by the vibrant colors of the clothing and tapestries. You feel the love that can come only from a small store where everyone is focused on helping you find what you need to bring that groovy feeling home.

You’ve arrived in a place where everyone is welcome and where no one is judged. Where you can ask questions and get good advice, whether you’re putting a new outfit together, or are looking for natural remedies, or your next golf disc.

You’ll find the biggest selection of local glass creations, and a wall devoted entirely to local music, new age and other community happenings. You’ll also have a chance to participate in food and clothing drives, Toys for Tots and other charitable efforts. It’s groovy to give back to the community that has done so much to support this store over the years.

Keeping the legacy alive. Groovy Goods is honored to continue what Daydreams started more than 20 years ago.

Groovy Goods is a new name on a store location that has a long and successful history of supporting the hippie lifestyle in central Iowa. And the connections go even deeper. The owners of Daydreams, Kathy and Jerry, and the owner of Groovy Goods, Elaine, enjoyed a close friendship for many years. Kathy and Elaine met at Iowa State University in 1977, and were BFFs for more than 39 years before Kathy passed unexpectedly in December 2016. Elaine and Jerry became friends when he and Kathy got together in the early 1990s, until his death in early 2015.

The first Groovy Goods in Texas was inspired by Elaine’s experiences while visiting Daydreams, and was founded under the tutelage of Kathy and Jerry. When Kathy passed away, leaving Daydreams without a future, Elaine couldn’t let the store die, too. Legal issues prevented her from keeping the Daydreams name and the next logical choice was to rebrand it as Groovy Goods.

The name has changed but the spirit of the store and everything it stands for has not. Kathy and Jerry’s dream lives on here, in the store and in you, the people of central Iowa, who made it all possible.

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